Keep it simple / Osnove novinarstva za IKS-ove volontere

Naša nova volonterka, novinarka Ana Božičević, danas je održala radionicu za EVS volontere iz Armenije, Turske, Njemačke, Rusije i Latvije.

Kako osmisliti atraktivan naslov, o čemu se piše u podnaslovu, glavnom dijelu teksta i kako napisati vijest u kratkom vremenu? S odgovorima na ova pitanja radionica je započela, a nastavila se s brojnim dobrim i lošim primjerima novinarske prakse, te razgovorom o cenzuri i novinarstvu u današnjem digitalnom svijetu.

S obzirom da Ana iza sebe ima osam godina novinarskog iskustva, između ostalog radila je godinu dana i na Petrinjskom radiju, volontere je zaista mogla informirati o realnom stanju hrvatskog novinarstva, te sa izazovima s kojima se susretala u svom radu.

How to do NEWs?


Journalist is a person who captures news, spread truth, express actions and reports about events – a writer, writer of the topical, important, relatable. With time of social media, articles and digital reporting everywhere its a wildly spread idea that anyone can be a journalist, but how? What are the rules and guidelines to take this role?

Structure, impact, timeliness – those are just some of the main factors that make a good news report. In this workshop held  by Ana Božičević, a group of international volunteers from Turkey, Germany, Armenia, Russia and Latvia learnt how to make appealing headlines, sturcture and create news in short time, discussed censorship and journalism tendencies nowadays as well as checked some bad practises of headlines, insensitive reoporting and just plain silly mistakes that should not be made by a journalist. As an old saying teaches “Practise makes perfect” and in what better way to test abilities to write than to actually do it… Therefore participants who are working i Udruga IKS  as European Volunteer Service* volunteers had the chance to create a new article in a great speed. They wrote a short report of the Journalism workshop and to give you a secret … This article is result of this exercise.

Doing the best to spread the truth, practising writing and making an impacts with written word, that is the goal for a journalist. Hopefully after this workshop many more stories and news about happening in Petrinja will be produced, by people who are passionate about getting the word out.

Dārta Olekša

“Keep it simple” / basic journalism skills for IKS volunteers

Udruga IKS, an NGO from Petrinja who hosts six international volunteers from different countries: Latvia, Russia, Spain, Germany, Armenia and Turkey, organized a journalism workshop. Presentation was held by journalist Ana Božičević, who has eight years of experience in journalism and she was taking about basics in journalism. Volunteers learned definitions like plagiarism, censorship, types of news, but also had practice work where they were writing article.

Volunteers were active, they learned some new things or refreshed their knowledge. “Keep it simple”, is one of the many rules Ana explained and most  important one that helped the volunteers realise their short reports.

The Youth Programme Manager Iva Markulj explained that this workshop is the first stepping stone in equiping EVS volunteer with the skills and knowledge  they need for their project’s tasks.

Workshop was a part of “Navigating the Media Current”, one of three Udruga IKS’s  projects financed by Erasmus+ programme.

Deniz Yoldas

International volunteers in udruga IKS learned how to be a journalist

Professional journalist Ana Božičević introduced EVS volunteers to basics of journalist job. It was two hours long workshop about text structure, how to give information in a right and interesting way, principles and ethics of news writing. The topic of freedom of media was also touched upon. Journalists should tell the truth. This is their work.

But we all know that in real life many times profit and “special interests“ become the first and move the importance of the truth to the second place.

Participants discussed this problem and the situation in media in Croatia and their countries.

The outcomes of this workshop will be used by international volunteers and IKS coordinators to create a media content around important topics, problems and happenings in Petrinja.

Iuliia Pankrateva